B. A. A., 32; '97, 0.

On Saturday the freshmen played a creditable game against B. A. A., considering that the latter presented practically the team which held the 'varsity down to ten points. That the score was not as large as the apparent advantages of the B. A. A. seemed to warrant, was due to the fact that their general team play was slow and spiritless, and in marked contrast with their work on Tuesday. Their strength and experience were, most noticeable in their interference which the freshmen were unable to break. All the halfbacks played well, but Peter and McNear especially distinguished themselves. The general work of the freshmen showed an improvement over previous games. The tackling was wretched, however, there being very few good tackles, while the backs have not as yet remedied their old fault of disregarding their interference. Capt. Irving played the best game for the freshmen, while both Pillsbury and Weld rushed well. The men lined up as follows.

B. A. A. '97.

Whittren, left end, Barton. Pitt.

Ware, left tackle, Warson.

Whitman, left guard, Laimbeer.


Hastings, centre, O'Connor.

Fay, right guard, Williams.

Waters, right tackle, Scannell.

Howard, right tackle, Scannell.

Wardner, right end, Hollister. Duffield.

Belfield, quarterback, Dean.

Peters, halfback, Pillsbury, Weld. Stanton.

(Garcelon), halfback, Pillsbury, Weld. Stanton.

Hilton, halfback, Pillsbury, Weld. Stanton.

(Batchelder), halfback, Pillsbury, Weld. Stanton.

McNear, fullback, Irving.

Touchdowns, McNear 2, Peters 2, Batchelder, Whittren. Umpire, Hall. Referee, Anthony. Time, 50 min.

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