Bowdoin Prizes.

The subjects for Bowdoin Prizes have been announced. There are in all nine prizes, founded by James Bowdoin, and offered by the faculty to students residents in the University. Two prizes of one hundred dollars each are offered for the best dissertations on any of the subjects given below, or the best translations of any of the passages also given below written by graduates of any college who are resident at the University, either as members of the Graduate School or of the senior class.

Seven prizes are offered to students of more than one year's standing in any department of the University who have never received an academic degree. The prizes are all not more than one hundred dollars or less than fifty. Three will be given for the best dissertations on any of the following subjects:-

1. A Critical Estimate of Von Holst's Constitutional History of the United States.

2. What steps should first be taken in the Reform of Municiple Government in the United States?

3. The expediency and practicability of further restrictions on Immigration into the United States?


4. The wisdom of Gladstone's policy of Home Rule for Ireland.

5. The conceptions of Spirit, Soul and Body in the History of Psychology.

6. The relations between Genius and Insanity in the light of Recent Discussion.

7. The Ethical and Social Doctrines of Tolstoi in their relations to contemporary social, literary and religious movements.

8. The place of Parkman in the Historical literature of the United States.

9. The place of James Russell Lowell in English Literature.

One prize is reserved for the best dissertation on any of the topics:-

1. Plautus and Terence as representing the Greek New Comedy.

2. The Roman dwelling as compared with modern habitations.

3. The attitude of the Roman government toward Christianity in the first Christian centuries.