Musical Clubs.

The list of men who are to go on the Christmas trip has been determined by the officers of the musical clubs, although the approval of the faculty has not yet been given. It as as follows:


First tenors. D. C. Greene '95, P. G. Flint, sp., C. B. Parker, sp. L. S. S., S. P. White '95, N. C. Metcalf '96, W. H. Jones '97.

Second tenors. J. W. Folsom '94 L. S. S., H. Boyer, sp., W. S. Johnson '94, C. Morgan '94, J. D. Greene '96.

First basses. R. G. Miller, L. S., C. H. Porter, Jr., sp. D., C. T. Tatman, L. S., G. D. Whitehead, M., J. C. Sharp '94, J. A. Wilder, L. S.

Second basses. J. H. Bell '94, P. W. Wrenn '94, F. E. Frothingnam '94, F. W. Thomas '94, L. Harvey '95. Accompanist, F. B. Whittemore '96.


Banjos. W. D. Brookings '95, J. T. Emott '95, J. Sargent '95, M. M. Armstrong, sp., W. H. Jones '97.

Guitars. R. P. Hood '94, J. P. Roman, sp., H. L. Goodrich, L. S., G. H. Spalding '96.

Mandolin. R. L. Whitman '95.


Mandolins. C. R. Stetson '94, P. H. Lombard '95, R. L. Whitman '95, R. G. Morse '96, F. E. Barry '97.

Guitars. R. P. Hood '94, J. P. Ronan, sp., G. H. Spalding '96.

Violin. D. H. Morris '96.

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