Fact and Rumor.

Marks are out in Greek VI today.

A co-operative store is to be started at Andover.

There has been a re-assignment of seats in Fine Arts III.

Walter H. Edgerly will be the soloist at Vespers this afternoon.

The freshman class officers have been appointed at Vassar.

The marks for the first half year in English XII will be given out to-day.

A new rowing tank has been constructed at the University of Pennsylvania.

The first woman to enter the U. of P. Law School has just been matriculated.

There is much talk at Columbia about forming an undergraduate dramatic club.

The first number of the new magazine at Columbia, the Literary Magazine, will appear soon.

The Yale crew rowed about six miles in a working barge Tuesday for the first time this season.

The famous Moak Library was formally presented to the Cornell Law School last Tuesday night.

The Phillips Brooks memorial fund is now more than $70,000.

The candidates for the Yale 'varsity crew number fourteen; the crew will go to the training table March 1.

The formal opening of the new club house of the University Club took place at Princeton, Monday afternoon.

The annual catalogue of the U. of P., just out, shows an attendance of 2,047 students in the various departments.