University Calendar.


English 6. Oral Debate. Harvard 6, 3 30 p. m.

Question: "Resolved, That the time has now come when the policy of protection should be abandoned by the United States." Principal Disputants. - Affirmative: C. E Cook and A. F. Cosby. - Negative: F. N. Dallinger, and W. Hill.

Open to all students of the University.

Lecture. General Ideas as products of Imitation. The Social Factors in Mental Training. The "Psychology of Suggestion," and the lessons of Modern Hypnotic Research. Professor Josiah Royce Sever 11, 4.30 p. m.

Open to the public. Teachers and per sons intending to become teachers are especially invited.

Vesper Service. Appleton Chapel, 5 p. m.

Vesper Services will be held on Thursday of each week during term time until further notice. Each service begins promptly at 5 and closes at 5.30.

The public are invited to these services.

Christian Association. Meeting. Professor G. L. Goodale. Holden Chapel, 6.45 p. m.

Open to all members of the University.