HARVARD REPUBLICAN CLUB. - The National Republican League and the American Republican College meet in annual Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, May 10 and 11. Harvard is entitled to five delegates. Any member wishing to go as a delegate will please send his name to me.

JOHN L. DODGE.'95 NINE. - All candidates must be out at 3 o'clock sharp today.


J. S. WADSWORTH.'95 - There will be a meeting of the Sophomore class on Wednesday, April 19th at 7 o'clock in Lower Mass.

R. W. EMMONS, 2nd.FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB. - Rehearsal tonight at 6.30.

GEO. D. WHITEHEA,Leader.HARVARD ROWING CLUB. - The boat-house on Boylston St. is now open. Men may join at Thurston's or at 26 Holyoke House, Tues., Thu., Sat., from 10-11.

W. R. Peabody, Sec.45t6

'96 NINE. - Candidates meet in Carey Building at 2.45 p. m. to elect permanent captain. The following men be on Jarvis Field at 3 to play Hopkinson: Winslow, Hayes, Fuller, Griffin, Paul, Paine, Wrenn, McCarty, Keefe, Kingsbury, Morton, O'Mally, Henry, Gonterman and Diblee.

A. BROWN, Temp. Capt.PIERIAN SODALITY. - Rehearsal today at 4.30 in Roberts Hall. All members who wish to play in Spring concert must be present. Please bring music.

A. S. HYDE, leader.'95 NINE. - The following men will be on Norton's at three sharp. Adams, Cassatt, Manning, Wilder, Dodge, Worman, Bigelow, Brown, Walker, Reed, Coonly, McAdams. All other candidates at 4 o'clock.

J. S. WADSWORTH.CRIMSON PHOTOGRAPHS. - The picture will be taken at Pack's tomorrow at 1.15.