To-Day's Game.

The second game with Dartmouth will be played this afternoon at the usual hour, four o'clock. Upton and Wiggin will be Harvard's battery. For Dartmouth, O'Connor may pitch for a few innings and Thornburg will finish the game. The teams will bat as follows:

Dartmouth, Harvard,

Tuxbury, 1 b. Hallowell, c.f.

Ferguson, s.s. Cook, 3 b.

O'Connor, p. Hovey, 2 b.

Ranney, c. Abbott, i.f.

Smalley, r.f. Sullivan, 8, 8.

Dinsmore, 3 b. Frothingham, r, f.

Griffin, 2 b. Trafford, 1 b.

Claggett, c, f. Upton, c.

Abbott, l.f. Wiggin, p.