Fact and Rumor.

Dr. Marratt, the United States consul at Athens has resigned from his office to accept the professorship of Greek history and literature at Brown University.

A scrub nine composed of the following men will play Exeter at Exeter today: Gonterman, Hayes, Hapgood, Winslow, Paine, W. Clark, Wadsworth, Adams, Reed and Henry.

H. T. Shepard '88 pastor at Black Diamond Washington, who recently lost his library by fire and who was himself badly burned, is now fully recovered and attending to his work.

Arrangements have been made where by a certificate, equivalent to a West Point diploma, will be given to each of three men who, each year, stand highest in the military drill at Yale.

At the annual meeting of the Worcester Academy Club, the following officers were elected: president, Seeber Edwards, L. S.; vice-president, Bradbury Holbrook, '95; secretary and treasurer, Bion Howard, '96.

The following schedule of games for the foot-ball season next fall has been adopted by the New England Inter-collegiate Foot-ball Association: Dartmouth vs. Williams, at Williamstown, November 4; Amherst vs. Dartmouth, at Hanover, November 11; Williams vs. Amherst, at Amherst, November 17.

The Amherst baseball management has accepted the invitation for the team to participate in the college baseball tournament, to be held at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago during the month of July. The team will go soon after college closes, taking twelve men, including the manager.

Mr. Hayes gave a reading at St. Mark's School, Southborough, last night.