The Freshman Crew.

The freshman crew are all but ready to leave for New London. They will not go with the 'varsity however, but will wait until Thursday, June 15. They will go by the Shore Line, and will leave at two o'clock, in order to get to New London in time for a short spin in the early evening. F. N. Watriss, who has coached them all the season, will accompany them and have full charge of their rowing. A. H. Bullock is the manager. Ten men in all will be taken to row. They will occupy the same quarters as they did last year, about half a mile below the 'varsity boathouse.

They are, however, still in danger of not going, for of the necessary money $450 are still to be raised, in fact must be raised, before the crew can go.

The crew are not rowing particularly well, they are careless. They show on some days that they can row well, but fail to keep up the standard for any length of time. It is hoped that when they get to New London, they will feel their responsibility more, and buckle down to hard work.

Following is a brief criticism of the men individually, and a table of their weights and ages. They are decidedly a young crew, but stronger than most freshman crews.

Townsend, stroke, short at the finish, inclined to rush.

Shepherd, No. 7, hurries his finish, meets his oar, and has bad watermanship.

Rice, No. 6, has no control of his body, finishes with a full reach, cocks his oar, and pulls out at the finish.

Duffield, No. 5, slow at the catch, meets his oar.

Russell, No. 4, short at the finish, slow in getting his oar into the water, careless in his time.

Shea, No. 3, fails too pull his oar on a level, falls back to far at the finish.

Derby, No. 2, handles his shoulders badly, is slow at the beginning of the recover.

Forbes, bow, short stroke, two long body reach, hurries in the start of the recovery.

Name Position Weight Age

R. M. Townsend stroke 157 1-2 18

L. D. Shepherd No. 7 170 20

G. T. Rice 6 182 1-2 19