New Dormitories.

Ground was broken for the two new dormitories on Oxford street about the first of September, and the foundations are now being laid.

Perkins Hall, which is to be on the westerly side of the street, will be 286 feet long, 44 feet wide and four stories in height. The building is to be of rough brick with trimmings of Ohio lime-stone, and the architecture is practically of the colonial order, much like Hollis and Stoughton. There will be four entrances, two on the Oxford street side and two on the Jarvis field side, so that the building will eventually face on the quadrangle when the field is built upon.

The corridors will be finished in yellow brick and the stair cases will be built entirely of iron, precautions which will render the structure semi fire-proof. The plans provide for two lavatories on every floor and these will be equipped with shower baths and closets. There are to be eighty-six suites of rooms in Perkins, the largest number in any Harvard dormitory. Each suite is intended for one occupant and will consist of a study 13 ft. by 16 ft., and a bed chamber 9 ft. by 12 ft. The studies will have comfortable window seats and will be heated by open fire-places, although there is to be steam-heating in the corridors.

Conant Hall, on the opposite side of the street, will be 164 ft. long, 94 ft. wide and four stories high. The material for construction will be the same as that used for Perkins, but the lines in the plans do not follow so strictly the regular colonial style.

There is to be one entrance, with 44 suites of rooms, each having a study 14 ft. by 16 ft., and two bed chambers 9 ft. by 15 ft.

The corridors and staircases will be finished like those in Perkins, and there will be a lavatory and closets on each floor.

The two new dormitories will provide accomodation for about 175 men. The contract calls for their completion one year from now.