List of the Freshman Class.

Following is as complete and accurate a list of the freshman class as can be procured from the office returns now in. No specials are included in the list:

Abbott, G E, Everett street

Adams, W D, 48 Brattle street

Adler, H M, 3 Sumner street

Alden, E, 26 Garden street

Aldrich, R C, 40 Irving street


Allen, J S, 2 Phillips place

Allen, S P, Jr, Brookline

Angier, R P, 14 Sumner street

Archer, C A, 45 Wallace street

Arnold, H N, 38 Winthrop street

Auten, B C, 46 College House

Babson, F M, 58 Wendell street

Bailey, F M, 56 Mt Auburn street

Baker, B S, 10 Hilliard street

Barber, W S, 26 Mellen street

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