The Advocate.

The editorials in the Advocate which appeared yesterday are earnest and show force and spirit. The first enters thoroughly into its subject, but shows too much animosity. The same criticism might be made of the second editorial.

C. M. Flandrau has given in the "College Belle" a capital piece of work. It is excellent in its appreciative analysis of character, its firmness in delineation and an apt originality in the choice of words and phrases.

"Friends Again," although it loses much force by over description, is certainly the best of the other sketches which gradually deteriorate in value as they approach the end of the number.

Among the "Kodaks" there are several choice bits of description, but the last one deserves a far better position. It shows just that rapid character painting which is best suited to this style of work.

It is a pity that so much time and ingenuity should be wasted in the production of verses so disagreeably suggestive as those entitled "The Sultan."