Official Notice.

ENGLISH B, SECTION II. - Conferences, at Grays 18, Thursday, October 18, from 1.30 to 2.30 p. m. W. H. Blake, 1.30; S. M. Bolster, 1.40; A. H. Brewer, 1.50; C. Brewer, 2.00; S. S. Boulton, 2.10; I. T. Burden, 2.20.

20 2t

C. L. YOUNG.THE following men are requested to meet Mr. Copeland in Sever 5, at 2 o'clock, Wednesday, Oct. 17, or in Harvard 6, Thursday, Oct. 18, at the same hour, to discuss plans and hours for advanced work in reading and speaking: P. K. Walcott, F. H. Rathbun, Pegram Dargan, B. F. Jacobson, W. T. B. Williams, R. L. Raymond, C. B. Barton, E. K. Arnold, J. A. Twohey, J. F. Neal, B. C. Jutten, A. D. Greenfield, W. H. Vincent, R. H. E. Starr. W. G. Gerhard, W. A. Griffin, R. M. Whitney, H. W. Foote, G. L. Paine, I. C. Ward, J. A. Howell, L. V. Friedman, E. F. Champney, H. Schurz, E. G. Knoblauch, J. P. Cotton, H. Emerson, S. P. Delany, C. L. Barlow, C. R. Sturgis, J. D. Bowersock, A. C. Matteson, H. W. Walker, E. A. Thurston.

HARVARD RIFLES. - A large attendance at drill is requested for this afternoon, as the uniforms have again been promised for this afternoon.

A MEETING will be held in Sanders Theatre, Friday, October 19, at 8 o'clock, in the interests of Student Volunteer Work. The speakers are President Eliot, Alexander McKenzie, D.D., Bishop Lawrence, ex-Gov. Russell and Professor Peabody. The floor and first balcony will be reserved for members of the University.