Harvard-Yale Football Game.

The seats on the Harvard side of the field for the Springfield game on Nov. 24 will be assigned on the following plan:

(a). The middle section, F, will be reserved for members of the 'varsity squad, the coaches, the members of the Athletic Committee, and the captains and head coaches of the other 'varsity teams, who will each be allowed to buy a limited number.

(b). Season ticket holders will be entitled to buy one seat each in section G or E. They may purchase these in person, or by mail, enclosing season ticket with check or money order and large addressed and stamped envelope. Fifteen tickets may be presented by one person. This sale will be on Nov 17, at Leavitt & Peirce's.

(c). Section D will be reserved solely for graduates who apply on the regular application blanks for one seat only.

(d). The remaining seats will be assigned by lot to graduates and undergraduates who apply on the regular application blank before Nov. 15. for not more than two tickets. If any are left they will be put on the general sale Monday, Nov. 19 in Cambridge, New York and Boston.

The above-mentioned application blanks will be received until 6 p. m., Nov. 15. The blanks contain a further explanation of the system of distribution, and may be obtained by mail of me, or at any Harvard Club, and at most other clubs in New York and Boston, also at Leavitt & Peirce's and Thurston's