University Organizations.

Pedagogical Club.

The first meeting of the Harvard Pedagogical Club for this year will be held on Thursday, Nov. 15. at 4.30 p. m., in Sever 11. There will be an address by Col. Francis W. Parker, of Chicago, on "The Correlation of Studies." All members of the University are invited to attend this meeting.

Signet.The annual dinner of the Signet Alumni Association will be held at the University Club, 270 Beacon street, Boston, on Friday, November twenty-third. The annual meeting of the association will be held at the same place and date.

Shooting Club.The following answer to the challenge received from the Yale Shooting Club was sent last night:

"The Harvard Shooting Club accepts the challenge of the Yale Gun Club for a match to be held at the time and place specified in the challenge, and under the usual and specified conditions.

JOSEPH SARGENT, JR.,Capt. and Sec. H. S. C."The scores at the meeting of the Shooting Club yesterday resulted as follows: Founders Cup - Bartol 13, Sargent 11, R. Sterling 11, Byrd 9, Childs 4, Lawton 3, Shepard 3, F. A. Sterling and Caswell did not finish. Match B - Bartol 8, Sargent 8, R. Sterling 6, Byrd 6, Childs 3, Lawton 2. Novice Match - Bartol 8, F. A. Sterling 4, Childs 3, F. A. Kinnicutt 3, Shepard 1.

Freshman Glee Club.Twenty-six men presented themselves as candidates for the Freshman Glee Club at the second trial last night. From these, and from the candidates of Monday night, the following have been selected for further trial:

First Tenor.

F. D. Sawin, J. L. Valentine,

G. Giles, F. Dobyns,

J. A. Battis, J. C. Whitfield,

W. D. M. Howard.

Second Tenor.

E. Byrnes, W. H. Hoyt,