Camera Club Exhibit.

The exhibit of the Harvard Camera Club opens today in Sever 9. It will be open today, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, all day and in the evening until 10 o'clock. The following is a list of the exhibitors: Professor F. C. de Sumichrast, Dr. O. W. Huntington, Dr. T. W. Richards, F. E. Frothingham '94, F. H. Cummings '95, F. L. Olmsted, Jr., '94, J. G. M. Glessner '94, T. A. Jaggar Gr., W. B. Holmes '96, J. M. Washburn '95, J. S. Holbrook '96, C. P. M. Rumford '97, W. E. Fuller '97, H. F. Porter '96, D. G. Mason '95, and A. Lincoln '95. There are in the exhibit some especially fine figure compositions by Professor de Sumichrast and portraits by Dr. Huntington. There is also an excellent set of views of Yellowstone Park, taken by T. A. Jaggar Gr.

Besides these there are a large number of World's Fair photographs taken by Olmsted '94 and Glessner '94; some recently taken pictures of the yard, and a few fine enlargements.

The prints are, for the most part platinum, bromide and salted.

The club this year has taken great pains to have its exhibit a success. The pictures are hung to much better advantage than in former years, a special background being put up for the purpose. The pictures are all the result of the past summer's work, and show great activity on the part of the club members.

The public are cordially invited to attend the exhibition.