WILL the managers of the crew, and the football, baseball, and Mott Haven teams meet in the Trophy Room at four o'clock this afternoon to form some plan for restoring missing trophies and records.

D. A. SARGENT and H. H. WHITE.SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS.- Appointments have been made this week for all men from T-Y inclusive. If there is any one who cannot sit he must see one of the committee personally, or send word to 17 Holworthy before Friday.


CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- Regular meeting led by Mr. Raymond Calkins at Holden Chapel, 6.45, tonight. All members of the University invited.

FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal today at 5.30.

H. W. HOWE, Sec.PIERIAN.- Rehearsals Thursday and Monday, March 1 and 5, at 7, in Roberts Hall. Full attendance to rehearse new music for coming concerts.

H. L. PRESCOTT, Sec.HARVARD NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY.-There will be a meeting of the society this evening, March 1, at 7.45. The program will be: Mr. W. H. Phelps, Alligators; Mr. T. W. Vaughan, Fresh Water Mussels; Mr. W. S. Nickerson, Development of Teeth; Mr. M. Chamberlain, The Deer of North America.

I. N. TILDEN, Sec.HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- There will be a trial of candidates for the Harvard Banjo Club on Friday, March 2, at 7 o'clock in 54 Matthews. Every member of the University who plays the banjo, banjorine, or guitar, should be present at the trial.

W. D. BROOKINGS, Leader.