Mr. Irving's Address.

The officers of the New Harvard Union announce the following arrangements for Mr. Irving's address in Sanders Theatre this afternoon:

Positively, no one will be admitted without tickets. Of these there are three kinds. The reserved seats for the faculty, the white admission tickets and the red standing room tickets.

Seats on the floor and platform are reserved for holders of faculty tickets. All other seats in the house are open to holders of white admission tickets. The holders of the red tickets for standing room will be admitted at the Kirkland street entrance only. The Kirkland street door will be closed until 4 o'clock. It is, therefore, advisable for those having reserved seats and white admission tickets to present the same before 4 o'clock.

Members of the faculty, Mr. Irving's party including Miss Terry, a few friends and some members of his company will occupy seats on the platform.

The doors will open at 3.15 sharp.


The ushers will be at Sanders Theatre at 3 o'clock. The following men will usher: From '94, A. L. Endicott, B. G. Waters, M. Ladd, H. A. Cutler, A. F. Cosby, H. C. Lakin, H. L. Prescott, H. C. Metcalf. From '95, N. P. Dodge, A. J. Peters, P. Washburn, E. J. Holmes, E. G. Merrill, E. R. Knapp, C. S. French, R. C. Ringwalt. From '96, R. B. Williams, R. G. Wadsworth, S. V. Mann, T. Motley, P. M. Hamlin, A. W. White, F. H. Smith, C. E. Bryan. From '97, E. Hollister, H. G. Gray. S. H. Foster L. S.