Yale Baseball Schedule.

The Yale baseball management have arranged the following schedule of games, which is complete up to May 19:

March 22-Y. M. C. A., at Washington.

March 23-University of North Carolina, at Greensboro.

March 24-University of Virginia, at Richmond.

March 26-University of Virginia, at Charlottesville.

March 27-Georgetown, at Washington.

March 28-Naval Academy, at Annapolis.

April 2-Williams, at New Haven.

April 6-Boston League, at New Haven.

April 7-Boston League, at New Haven.

April 14-Brooklyn League, at Brooklyn.

April 18-Wesleyan, at Middletown.

April 21-Brown, at New Haven.

April 28-University of Pennsylvania, at New Haven.

May 2-Amherst, at New Haven.

May 5-Brown, at Providence.

May 9-Wesleyan at New Haven.

May 12-University of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia.

May 16-Amherst, at Amherst.

May 19-Princeton, at New Haven.