Fact and Rumor.

The spring football squad at Yale began practice yesterday.

The Phonaskia Club of the Annex gave an exhibition of Greek drama at Fay House last evening. Scenes from different books were recited to the music of a flute and a harp.

The following candidates for the Yale freshman nine have been taken to the training table: H. L. de Forest, L. M. Bass, C. M. Mitchell, C. V. McCance, J. F. Pierce, Jr., F. Boardman, C. M. Reed, R. D. Reed, C. M. Fincke, H. K. Smith, H. D. McCandless, F. S. Chapman, A. N. Jerrems, J. C. Thaw.

Instruction in the Department of Economics in the Plymouth School of Applied Ethics, during the session beginning July 12, 1894, will be devoted to a discussion of the relation between economics and social progress. The idea which underlies it is, that all phases of social activity and living are necessarily bound together.