Oxford-Cambridge Sports.

Oxford won the recent field day with Cambridge, taking 6 events to the latter's 3. Lutyens of Cambridge broke the best Oxford-Cambridge record in the mile run. Following is a summary of the events:

100 yards dash.- Won by G. Jordan, Oxford; W. Attlee, Cambridge, second. Time, 10 2-5s.

Quarter mile run.- Won by G. Jordan, Oxford; W. Fitz-Herbert, Cambridge, second. Time, 50 4-5s.

One mile run.- Won by W. E. Lutyens, Cambridge; W. Greenhow, Oxford, second. Time, 4m. 19 4-5s.

Three mile run.- Won by F. S. Horan, Cambridge; W. S. Lee, Oxford, second. Time, 15m. 7s.

Hurdle race.- Won by W. J. Oakley, Oxford; L. E. Pinkington, Cambridge, second. Time, 16 2-5s.

Broad jump.- Won by C. B. Fry, Oxford 22ft. 4in.; W. J. Oakley, Oxford, 22ft., second.

High jump.- Won by E. D. Swanwiek, Oxford, 5ft. 10 1-4in.; G. A. Gardner, Oxford, and S. G. Lubbock, Cambridge, and F. M. Jennings, Cambridge, tied for second place at 5ft. 6in.

Throwing the weight.- Won by C. H. Rivers, Cambridge, 37ft. 8 1-2in.; A. F. Maling, Oxford, 34ft. 7 1-2in., second.

Throwing the hammer.- Won by G. S. Robertson, Oxford, 101ft. 4 1-2in.; A. B. Johnstone, Cambridge, 99ft. 3 1-2in., second.

Since 1864 Oxford has won 140 firsts and 141 seconds. Cambridge's record is 139 firsts and 130 seconds.