Annual Spring Meeting.

The games on Saturday afternoon promise well for the success of the Mott Haven team in the coming meeting with Yale at New Haven. In the first event on the program, the 120 yards hurdle race, Garcelon began by lowering the Harvard record to 16 1-5 sec., and even then only just succeeded in winning from Munroe. Later he did the 220 yards hurdles in the fast time of 25 1-5 sec. Merrill also did admirably well in the two dashes, winning both, the first in 10 2-5 sec., the longer one in 22 1-5 sec. Phillips '97, with no one near enough to make him race, lowered his previous record of 7 min. 27 2-5 sec., in the mile walk to 7 min. 8 2-5 sec. Immediately afterwards F. S. Elliot '95, rode an exhibition two miles on the bicycle. He rode for a record, with four men pacing him two laps each, and covered the two miles in 5 min. 7 2-5 sec., which goes below all collegiate records. Below is a summary of the events:

120 yds. hurdles won by W. F. Garcelon L. S.; second, V. Munroe '96; third, E. F. Champney '96. Time, 16 1-5 sec.

100 yds. dash won by S. M. Merrill '94; second, P. da S. Prado '96; third, C. E. Smith '95. Time, 10 2-5 sec.

One mile walk won by J. D. Phillips '97: second, C. D. Drew '97; third, J. Staab '95. Time, 7 min. 8 2-5 sec.

Two mile bicycle race did not come off because the consent of the L. A. W. had not been secured. F. S. Elliot '95, rode the distance on exhibition in 5 min. 7 2-5 sec.

Half mile run won by E. B. Hill '94; second, W. H. Vincent '97; third, H. C. Lakin '94. Time, 2 min. 2 sec.

One mile run won by J. L. Coolidge '95; second, G. L. Paine '96; third, W. H. Carson, Sp. Time, 4 min. 38 sec.

440 yds. run won by N. B. Marshall '97; second, E. Hollister '97; third, N. W. Bingham '95. Time, 52 sec.

220 yds. dash, first heat won by P. da S. Prado '96; second, J. P. Whittren '95. Time, 22 4-5 sec. Second heat won by S. M. Merrill '94; second, C. E. Smith '95. Time, 22 2-5 sec.

220 yds. dash, final heat won by S. M. Merrill '94; second, P. da S. Prado '96; third, J. P. Whittren '95. Time, 22 1-5 sec.

220 yds. hurdles won by W. F. Garcelon, L. S.; second, J. L. Bremer '96; third, H. W. Jameson '95. Time, 25 1-5 sec.

Pole vault won by H. M. Wheelwright, '94. Height 10 ft.

Throwing the hammer won by R. Acton, Med., with 104 ft. 9 in.; second, E. Cockrell '95, with 92 ft. 5 in.; third. H. R. Johnson, L. S., with 91 ft. 2 in.

Putting the shot won by R. Acton, Med., with 38 ft. 4 in.; second, J. P. Whittren '95, with 32 ft. 9 in.

High jump won in a jump-off after the games by C. J. Paine, Jr., '97, with A. Stickney, Jr., '97, second, and W. E. Putnam, Jr., '96, third. In the games the three were tied for first at 5 ft. 10 in.

Broad jump won by E. B. Bloss '94, with 22 ft. 4 1-2 in.; second, H. M. Wheelwright '94, with 21 ft. 5 1-2 in.; third, L. C. Schoenfeld '95, with 20 ft. 11 in.