Harvard '97 vs. Brown '97.

Ninety-seven will play the Brown freshmen this afternoon. The make-up of the team will be the same as in the Yale game with the exception that Stevenson and Anderson will exchange places and that Scott will catch. The following is the batting order of both teams:


Dean, 2b. Hamlin, s. s.

Beale, l. f. Hancock, 1b.

Warren, 1b. Perkins, F. D., 3b.

Stevenson, 3b. Gurney, 2b.

Scott, c. Farnham, P.

Stevens, s. s. Green, c.

Garrison, c. f. Bennett, l. f.

Anderson, r. f. Colby, c. f.

Paine, p Perkins, H. W., r. f.

Gregory, p.