Extra Sale of Class Day Tickets.

Owing to the requests made to the Committee by various graduates and undergraduates, another sale of Class Day tickets will be held this morning from 10 to 11 o'clock at Grays 17, and that it may be perfectly fair, not only present members of the University, but all graduates who apply, will be allowed to buy. The sales yesterday were larger than at the corresponding time last year and there are no more Tree tickets. Yard, Memorial and Sanders tickets, however, can still be had.

Junior ushers must be at Sanders Theatre at 11 o'clock today or forfeit their right to their positions.

Ticket takers must be at 5 Harvard Hall at 6 o'clock tonight for instructions.

The following men are requested to call for their caps and gowns, which are being held at the Cooperative: L. Bacon, H. G. Barbey, E. Benedict, W. M. Cabot, A. L. Canger, J. Corbett, J. R. Conant, G. M. Cushing, J. B. Eustis, H. C. Fox, R. Furman, J. W. Glidden, J. H. Hall, L. Heckscher, R. Homans, C. D. Jackson, G. C. Kellogg, C. F. Malley, W. R. May, R. T. W. Moss, G. Metcalf, P. Musgrave, A. C. Nash, F. L. Olmsted, G. R. Philbrook, M. L. Sand, T. E. Sherwin, C. W. Shope, W. A. D. Short, C. D. Varney, G. D. Wells.