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The intercollegiate chess tournament which was finished on Tuesday resulted in an easy victory for Harvard by a score of nine points. Yale and Princeton tied for second place with six points each, while Columbia, who has won the cup for two years, came last with only three points. Columbia suffered particularly through the loss of Hymes, but both of her representatives were new men, as were those of Princeton. Harvard had only one old player, Ballou; while both of Yale's players had taken part in former intercollegiate tournaments.

The tournament was held in the rooms of the Harvard School, New York, and at its close a formal reception was given the members of the competing teams, at which the Harvard players were presented with the challenge cup and with silver medals. The cup is open to challenge up to June 1; failing that, it would remain permanently in Harvard's possession.

The daily play in the tournament is given below.

Wednesday, Dec. 26. - Ballou, H., beat Binion, C.; Van Kleeck, H., drew with Ross, Y.; Seymour, P., beat Price, C.; Bumstead, Y., beat Belden, P.

Thursday, Dec. 27. - Ballou, H., beat Belden, P.; Van Kleeck, H., beat Price, C.; Binion, C., drew with Bumstead, Y.; Ross, Y. drew with Seymour, P.

Friday, Dec. 28. - Ballou, H., beat Bumstead, Y.; Van Kleeck, H., beat Seymour, P.; Ross, Y., beat Price, C.; Belden, P., drew with Binion, C.

Saturday, Dec. 29. - Ballou, H., beat Price, C.; Van Kleeck, H., drew with Binion, C.; Belden, P., beat Ross, Y.; Seymour, P., drew with Bumstead, Y.

Monday, Dec. 31. - Van Kleeck. H., drew with Belden, P.; Ballou, H., drew with Seymour. P.; Ross, Y., beat Binion, C.; Price, C., beat Bumstead, Y.

Tuesday, Jan. 1. - Ross, Y., beat Ballou, H.; Van Kleeck, H., beat Bumstead, Y.; Seymour, P., beat Binion, C.; Belden, P., drew with Price, C.

The individual scores were:

Won. Lost.

S. M. Ballou, Harvard, 4 1-2 1 1-2

W. L. Van Kleeck, Harvard, 4 1-2 1 1-2

Arthur Bumstead, Yale, 2 4

R. L. Ross, Yale, 4 2

W. V. Belden, Princeton, 2 1-2 3 1-2

E. B. Seymour, Princeton, 3 1-2 2 1-2

J. Binion, Columbia, 1 1-2 4 1-2

A. M. Price, Columbia, 1 1-2 4 1-2

The points given as lost indicate only how far below a possible total each man fell, two draw games counting 1 as well as a lost game. Van Kleeck of Harvard was the only player who did not lose a a game. Ballou of Harvard, however, barely missed the same record, losing through carelessness on the last day.

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