Ninety-Seven, 4; C. M. T. S., O.

An interesting game of football was played on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon between '97 and Cambridge Manual Training School. Neither side scored in the first half. In the second half, after a determined struggle by C. M. T. S. on their three yard line, '97 pushed Little over the line for a touchdown. No goal was kicked.

The teams lined up as follows:

'97. C. M. T. S.

Pitts, l. e. l. e., Grant.

Fenno, l. e. l. t., Murphy.


Sleeper, l. t. l. g., Burnett.

Stott, l. g. c., Burns.

Tuckerman, c. r. g., Hazen.

Elder, r. g. r. t., Moore.

Williams, r. t. r. t., Marshall.

Rantoul, r. e. r. e., Brown.

Hallowell, q. b. r. e., Marshall.

White q. b. q. b., Sawin.

Prescott, l. h. l. h., White.

Little, f. b. f. b., Gray.

Phelps, r. h. r. h., Thompson.