Chess Tournament Drawings.

Following are the rules and drawings for the chess tournament: Each man must play one game with each of the other men in his section, and leave all of his scores at 1 Thayer before 6 o'clock Tuesday evening, Oct. 22. All games are to be played under a time limit of fifteen moves to the hour unless both players agree otherwise. The two highest from each section will go up into the second round.

Section I.C. H. Dunn '96. 29 Weld.

C. G. Stevens '99, 24 Felton.

J. F. Brice '99, 36 Beck.

M. M. Markle, L. S., 3 Hollis.


A. W. Ryder 97. 4 College House.

M. Bettman '97, 1 Weld.

Section II.G. A. Hoyt '99, 1716 Cambridge St.

H. H. Cook, Gr., 50 Thayer.

E. E. Southard '97, 1 Thayer.

A. Z. Reed '97, 5 Wadsworth.

E. P. Fay '96, 19 Hollis.

H. Clapp '99, 48 Weld.

Section III.T. Spalding Sp., 45 Thayer.

F. P. Gay '97, 20 Hastings.