Harvard '96, 4; St. Marks, O.

St. Mark's was defeated at Southboro on Saturday by the senior eleven. The rain made everything very slippery and there were many fumbles. In the first half Harvard continually played off-side, and by successive rushes St. Mark's forced the ball to the 15 yard line, when time was called. In the second half St. Mark's made several long runs, in two of which home players were laid up. Mills, the captain, received a cut under the eye and was forced to leave the field.

The line up:


Norton, l.e. r.e., R. Watson

Bull, l.t. r.t., Hare.


Paine, l.g. r.g., Egbert.

Fox, c. c., Humphreys.

Merriman, r.g. l.g., Brice.

Curtis, r.t. l.t., G. Watson.

Duff, r.e. l.e., Davis.

McKittrick, q.b. q.b., Hatch.

Scott, h.b. h.b., Capt. Mills.

Frothingham, h.b., h.b., Nash.

Holmes, f.b. f.b., Whiie.

Score, Harvard 4; touchdown, Holmes; umpire, Estes; referee, Wren; linesman, King. Time 20 minute halves.