Many of the 'Varsity Men Rested Yesterday.- Captain Brewer Away.

The practice of the football squad was somewhat shorter yesterday. Jaffray, Dunlop and Donald took a rest for the day. As Captain Brewer was out of town to meet Captain Lea of Princeton to arrange the rules for the Harvard-Princeton game, C. Brewer captained the eleven.

In the first half two touchdowns were made cheifly through the individual work of C. Brewer and Gonterman. No brilliant plays were made except one end run by Gonterman. Early in the half Cabot was injured, Moulton taking his place.

In the beginning of the second half the two elevens lined up first on the 25 yard line from which Fairchild tried to kick goals from the field. Fairchild then went to one end of the field where he practiced kicking goals. Borden held the ball.

Hamlen played halfback on the first eleven with good success. Several time he made good gains while he was always in his place in the interference work.

The two touchdowns in the first half were made by C. Brewer and Gonterman; in the second Hamlen and Cozzens scored.

Doucette again played right guard, doing good work on the defensive as well as in breaking through.

The line up was:


Cabot, l.e. r. e., Newell.

Moulton, l.e.

Stevenson, l. t. r. t., Eddy.

Rice, l.g. r.g., Sprague.

Sargent, l.g.

Shaw, c. c., Hoague.

Doucette, r.g. l.g., Sargent.

l.g., Hennen.