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Freshman Games.


The annual freshman games will take place this afternoon on Holmes Field at four o'clock. Owing to the small number of entires all the races will be run in one heat.

There will be no admission charged at these games.

The officials for the games are as follows:

Referee-H. R. Storrs '96.

Judges at finish-Mr. Chamberlain, N. W. Bingham L. S., J. L. Bremer '96.

Field judges-A. H. Bullock '96, E. Hollister '97, A. Stickney '97.

Timers-Mr. Wood, Mr. Lathrop, G. F. Brown, Jr.

Starter-Mr. Graham.

Clerk of course-H. W. Howe '97.

Assistants-R. B. Williams '96, F. H. Bigelow '98.

Scorer-L. W. Jenkins '96.

The following is the list of events with entries:

100 yards dash.

J. W. Harrington, H. E. Shore, J. T. Roche, Jr., E. E. Jungerick, M. B. Fuller, R. McKittrick, H. D. H. Williams, G. D. Dutton.

220 yards dash.

J. E. Brooks, H. E. Shore, T. H. Endicott, J. T. Roche, Jr., E. E. Jungerick, M. B. Fuller, R. McKittrick, G. D. Dutton.

440 yards run.

H. H. Fish, E. D. Harlow, Jr., J. E. Brooks, W. C. Burton, T. H. Endicott, D. Grant, G. D. Dutton.

880 yards run.

D. Grant, J. H. Cunningham, Jr., E. Lissner, F. R. Plumb, Jr., H. W. Taggart.

2 mile bicycle.

George F. Baker, Jr., G. F. Hurt, W. D. Eaton, H. H. Brown, H. P. White, H. B. Hewitt.

High jump.

W. C. Burton, J. B. Rorer, R. Perkins, J. B. Connolly, F. Holt, J. D. Dole.

Broad jump.

J. W. Harrington, J. B. Rorer, P. E. Somers, J. B. Connolly, J. T. Roche. Jr.

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