Civil Service Reform Club.

The annual meeting of the Civil Service Reform Club was held last evening in Upper Mass. The secretary, J. H. Jones, called the meeting to order, and was appointed chairman. F. H. Kinnicutt was made secretary pro tem.

Mr. Jones read his report for the past year and proposed several changes in the constitution. The following changes were adopted.

1. That the offices of secretary and treasurer be merged into one.

2. That the executive committee shall consist of the officers, two members from each undergraduate class, two from the Law School, and one from the remaining professional and graduate schools.

3. That the members of the executive committee be elected at the annual meeting of the club.


4.That the annual meeting of the club be held in October.

5. That fifteen members of the club shall constitute a quorum, and that five members of the executive committee constitute its quorum.

6. That the president have the power to appoint three members at large of the executive committee.

The following officers were elected:

President, A. S. Ingalls '96; vice-president, H. Schurz '97; secretary and treasurer, F. H. Kinnicutt '97; executive committee, F. D. Pollak '96, H. Dibblee '96, S. P. West '97, H. G. Gray '97, J. R. McVey '98, C. I. Wright '98, H. B. Burlingame '99, A. H. Gilbert '99, W. E. Hutton L. S., H. S. Pillsbury L. S., H. T. Holland M.

The president also appointed J. H. Jones L. S., and J. P. Welsh '97, members of the executive committee.

Hon. Carl Schurz, President of the National Civil Service Reform League, some time ago promised to address the Harvard Club, and the secretary has sent him an invitation to do so in the near future. Mr. Schurz is one of the greatest living civil service reform exponents, and it is hoped that he will accept the invitation.