Contests Among Athletes from Ninety-Nine.- List of Winners.

The freshman sports yesterday were on the whole very successful and interesting to watch. The new material was only fair and no very good records were made but several of the men showed promise of good development before the year is past. The races were all well contested, the two mile bicycle being especially interesting. In this race G. F. Baker, Jr., is deserving of much credit for the splendid way in which he set the pace throughout. He carried the rest of the men over the course in fine form and kept the race from degenerating into a slow loaf, as is usually the case with these races. He was only passed on the last lap by H. B. Hewitt who won by a good spurt down the home stretch.

In the one hundred and two twenty sprints J. T. Roche, Jr., had every thing his own way, winning both events easily.

The quarter mile was won by H. H. Fish who has a very easy and graceful style of running. He ought to make a very good man at this event in the spring.

J. H. Cunningham, Jr., who comes from Hopkinson's, won the half mile easily. He was not pressed at all and this accounts in a measure for the slow time made.

The two field events, the high and the broad jump dragged rather slowly and the records made were not very good. J. B. Connolly easily won the latter with a jump of 19 feet 8 inches.


Following is a summary of the events:

100 yards dash-Won by J. T. Roche, Jr.; second, H. E. Shore; third, J. W. Harrington. Time, 10 3/5s.

440 yards run-Won by H. H. Fish, second, T. H. Endicott; third, D. Grant. Time, 55 4/5s.

Two mile bicycle-Won by H. B. Hewitt, second, H. P. White; third, G. F. Baker, Jr. Time, 5m. 31 4/5 s.

880 yards run-Won by J. H. Cunningham, Jr., second, F. R. Plumb, Jr.; third, D. Grant. Time, 2m. 11s.

220 yards dash-Won by J. T. Roche, Jr., second, T. H. Endicott; third, H. E. Shore. Time, 23 2/5s.

Running high jump-Won by F. Holt, second, J. B. Connolly; third, R. Perns. Height, 5 ft. 51/2 in.

Running broad jump-Won by J. B. Connolly; second, J. B. Rorer; third, J. W. Harrington. Distance, 19 ft. 8 in.