Start to be at Union Boat House at 4 P. M.

This afternoon, at 4 o'clock, the B. A. A. crew will race the Harvard 'Varsity over the regular two mile course in the Basin, starting from the Union Boat House and rowing up stream to the Longwood Bridge.

The race should prove a very interesting one since both crews are wellmatched. Last week the CRIMSON gave the record of the men on the B. A. A. crew, who are for the most part wellknown Harvard 'Varsity oarsmen of former years and who have done considerable rowing on B. A. A. crews since leaving college. Harvard's more exact training should tell in the last end of the race, but if the B. A. A. gets a good lead at the start, as it is expected she will, a two-mile race will give the 'varsity a pretty short time in which to catch up. Yesterday afternoon the 'varsity were on the river as usual under Mr. Watson's supervision. Much improvement is noticeable since last week but there is still a poor "finish" and the leg-drive is not satisfactory. After the race the crew will continue to row on the river but will work in a shell instead of the light barge which will be used in the race today.

The make-up of the two crews is as follows:


Bullard, 165 Stroke, Crowninshield, 151.


Jennings, 184 7 Jones, 156.

Stevenson, 176 6 Davis, 178.

Perkins, 178 5 Cummings, 175.

Ames, 174 4 Blake, 163.

Goodrich, 170 3 Horton, 168.

Hollister, 172 2 Tudor, 146.

Chatman, 165 Bow, Guild, 157.

Rust, 110, Cox, Huidekoper, 97.

The officials of the race are: Referee, Mr. F. Peabody. Umpire for Harvard, Mr. Watson. Timekeeper, Richmond Fearing '93.