Work Among Italians.

The following letter was yesterday received from Professor de Sumichrast:


To the Editors of the Crimson:

DEAR SIRS:- Last year some Harvard students kindly undertook to teach classes of Italians at the North End and met with so much success that the directors of this work hope it may be continued this year.

The following extracts from a letter received by me explain the nature of the duties.


I trust that the wished for aid will be furnished by some of our students.

Yours sincerely,

F. C. DE SUMICHRAST.The extracts from the letter by Professor de Sumichrast follow:

"Mr. Gaetano Conte has taken new and much better rooms. They are at 84 Cross street, corner of Hanover street. The need is for several people to teach English to Italians, mostly of the day laboring class.

It seems to me that a student will get from this experience, some Italian, certainly some ideas of how the Italians pronounce their language, some knowledge of human nature, especially of this new kind of human nature which is coming to us in such shoals, and some training in the art of teaching. He will find the men very cordial, and if he is the right sort of fellow they will soon become very much attached to him, and very grateful for what he does for them.

"The classes begin on Monday evening, Nov. 4.

"I beg that you will not take the trouble to reply to this note. The best reply will be the appearance of one or two good fellows, at 84 Cross street."