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The first game to be played under the Harvard-Cornell agreement will be the football game on Soldiers Field this afternoon. From all appearances the Cornell team this year is considerably weaker than the team last year. There has been a great lack of heavy men and fast backs. The men have shown little ability to run up big scores against the teams they have already played. There are five new men in the make-up of the eleven, and the old men are not playing in the same positions as formerly.

The eleven only averages 165 pounds. The eleven players have not played together in any game. The line with the exception of left end and tackle is made up entirely of new men. Left guard, centre and right tackle are players of little or no experience.

The Harvard eleven has not yet learned to play together. There has been considerable improvement in this respect during the past week. The interference Is now getting under way and ought to prove effective against the Cornell men this afternoon. Harvard's offensive and defensive play is ragged; at times the men have played excellent football, but generally they have played poorly. The team is stronger in backs than in for wards, making its offensive play better as a rule than its defensive play.

The eleven will play as it has been playing since last Monday. Cobot, who will play left end, is much slower both in tackling and in getting down on kicks than he was last year. His tackling is very good, being low and hard.

Stevenson, at left tackle, is not a first class player in any way. There is a tendency on his part to play high, and to pay too much attention to his opponent. He works hard but is very awkward in all his work.

Holt, next to Stevenson, does not play low, nor does he play wide enough. He is better on the offensive than on the defensive.

Doucette, who is to play centre on account of Frank Shaw's injury, is slow but he plays his position well. He ought to cover a little more ground than he does.

Jaffray, at right grad, plays altogether too high. He does not break through well, and is very often pushed back on the quarterback.

Donald, right tackle, is a fairly good player. He breaks through well and tackles low. In blocking, however, he is weak and he does not get into the interference work as he ought.

Newell will play right end today because Captain Brewer is a trifle overstrained. newell is very fast. His interference work is very good and his tackling is low and hard. Newell's chief fault is that he is liable to be drawn in on the end plays.

Borden, at quarterback, fumbles entirely too much; in addition he gets his signals confused and does not give them clearly.

C. Brewer, halfback, is a good runner, but he very often muffs kicks. His punting is fair but slow.

Gonterman, the other halfback, is a very fast runner. He uses his arms well in blocking, but he is generally poor on defensive work. In the interference he is also poor.

Fairchild, who will play fullback, is good on the interference but poor on going through the centre. His defensive work is fair.

It is impossible to give any criticism of Wrightington's work because he has played so little this year. The playing he has done this year is far inferior to his work of last year.

Previous Games with Cornell.Since 1890 Harvard and Cornell have met on the football field every year, Harvard having ginned four victories. The sconres were:

1891-Harvard 77, Cornell 0, at Cambridge.

1892-Harvard 6, Cornell 0, at Springfield.

1893-Harvard 34, Cornell 0, at New York.

1894-Harvard 22, Cornell 12.

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