CYCLING ASSOCIATION.- New members of the association may obtain shingles by applying to W. R. Brinckerhoff, 13 Matthews Hall, between 6 and 7 p. m., any evening this week.

RADCLIFFE TEAM.- The following players be on Soldiers Field dressed to play at 4.15 sharp today: C. Woods, Jones, Marden, Harris, Randall, Adams, H. Wood, Jackson, Wolfe, Farr, Shore, Plumb, McCoy and Edwards. Play Cambridge Latin School.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- The following men must be at Providence depot at 5.45 p. m. to go to Princeton: Hardy, Harris, Bartol and Dove.

R. D. STERLING, Capt.ADVOCATE.- Literary meeting at the Sanctum Thursday, at 4.30.

The Perkins Hall football team is now prepared to play any scrub team in college. For dates address or see,

F. C. Wilson, Capt., 18 Perkins.ALL members of the University who wish to join the H. A. A. may do so by applying at Thurston's. Subscription $5.00.

USHERS for the Symphony Concerts must be at Sanders, Thursday evening, at 7.15 sharp. Get tickets from me beforehand.

F. B. WHITTEMORE.CERCLE FRANCAIS.- Rehearsal Thursday, Oct. 31 at 7.30, at 16 Quincy street. Men must learn their parts as soon as possible.