New Dormitory to be Erected at Exeter in Memory of Dr. Peabody.

Arrangements have been completed for the building of a new dormitory at Exeter Academy.

Upon the plans the projected Dormitory is styled Peabody Hall, though that name has not been absolutely settled upon. Still the dormitory will be a memorial of the late Dr. Andrew Preston Peabody, who for more than twenty years was a trustee of the school.

The dormitory will stand in front of and at right angles to Soule Hall, and will be a four story structure of the Colonial style, and in dimensions, 100 by 30 feet. The material will be of brick, and the coping of the entrance doors and the sills of windows will be of white marble. Above each window will be an ornamental flat brick arch, the keystone of white marble. The exterior plans were furnished by Architect Petitt of Brooklyn, N. Y.; those for the interior, which is closely patterned after Holworthy Hall at Harvard, were drawn in the office of Trustee Morison.

The building will be divided by unbroken fireproof partitions into three sections, each with its separate entrance, halls and stairways. There will be accommodations for forty-four boys in twenty-two suites, each extending the full depth of the building, and comprising a 15x12 foot study and two bedrooms 11x81/2 feet. All studies will be at the front of the building, facing the west and commanding the view across the school grounds. There will be another suite for the resident instructor, and still another which will de used as a social room. The interior finish will be of whitewood.

In the basement will be bathrooms furnished with three shower baths, settubs, etc. There will be no plumbing in any of the rooms, but water will be supplied to the entries on the first and third floors in each section. The building will be absolutely fire-proof, perfectly ventilated, and lighted by gas. Heat will be supplied from the central station, whether by the hot water system or the indirect radiation of steam, is not yet decided. There will also be an open fireplace in each study.

The foundations of the new dormitory will be laid this fall and work upon the erection will begin early in the spring.