The Football Practice Yesterday More Spirited than Before.

There was a marked improvement in the work of the football candidates yesterday afternoon. The playing was much more spirited than it has been at any time before this year, which was due for the must part to the effective coaching by Waters. Borden's snappy playing also added to it. A new plan was adopted in forming a third eleven.

During the first half of the practice the first eleven lined up against the regular second eleven, but in the second half the second eleven was made up of a set of fresh men who had previously been practicing together. This forced the first eleven men to work much harder.

Twice during the practice the second eleven came near scoring against the first eleven but both times the first eleven got the ball on four downs.

Several very good plays were made. Cozzens was once more on the second eleven and again he did some splendid playing. He had the enviable record of successfully dodging Captain Brewer and C. Brewer.

Another beautiful play was made by Newell after C. Brewer had got past his end. Newell tackled Brewer from behind after running thirty yards. The best run, however, was made by Weld when he closely followed Cabot and Hallowell who interfered for him. The three ran together in the best style that has been seen in interference work this season.

Arnold L. S., who played for the first time yesterday made a good showing as fullback on the second eleven in the second half.

In the line the best work was done by Fuller, Shaw and Holt. All of them got through easily while Fuller and Holt made good holes generally. There were seldom any holes on the other side of the line so that few gains were made through this place by the first eleven.

Waters, Emmons and Lewis did some very effective coaching, which brought out much better work from the men.

The line up was as follows:


Cabot, l.e. r.e., Newell.

Moulton, l.e. r.e., Selfridge.

Hallowell, l.t. r.t., Ladd.

Fuller, l.t. r.t., Williams.

Holt, l.g. r.g., Sprague, Kubli.

Shaw, c. c., Doucette, Whitback.