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To the Editors of the Crimson:

I happened to read in the paper an account of Professor Norton's lecture at the Cambridge Social Union the other night, in which he complained of the uncivilized condition of the mass of people who ride in the electric cars in Cambridge. As the first Symphony Concert in Sanders Theatre had not then taken place, he could not mention what must have occurred to him tonight, if he was present at the concert. I refer to the lack of civilization which permits to suffice the totally inadequate provision made for the coats, cloaks, overshoes, wraps and umbrellas of the audience. To be sure there were the umbrella racks, but there was nobody to check one's umbrella, and even if there had been, where was one to put one's ulster or one's goloshes. The authorities in charge of the concerts surely do not expect the audience to sit on wet coats and capes during the concert, and there is hardly room to put them elsewhere but under one in the theatre.

Let us have a cloak room before next time. It may snow then instead of rain.

GRADUATE.October 31.

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