Official Notice.

THE College Library is open on weekdays for the delivery of books, from 9 a. m., till 5.30 p. m. The reading room in Massachusetts Hall is open on weekdays from 8.30 a. m., till 5 p. m.; on Sundays from 1 till 5.

FRENCH 2A.- Hour examination Friday, Nov. 1, in Sever 35 at 1.30 p. m.

C. H. C. WRIGHT.HISTORY 13.- All first reports must be handed in today, Friday, between 2 and 5 o'clock at University 20. Overdue reports received only through the Recorder. There will be no morning office hours today.

THE Debating Club meets today at three o'clock, in Sever 5, to discuss the following question: "Resolved, That the interests of the country demand the reelection of Mr. Cleveland for a third term."

Member of the University are invited to be present, and to speak "from the house."


C. T. COPELAND.ENGLISH C.- Lists of subjects for the first brief and forensic may be had in Sever 10 today, from 1.30 to 2.30, or at any consultation hour after today. Preliminary brief should be deposited in the box in Sever 10 today before five o'clock.

FINE ARTS 3.- Seats have been assigned and posted in Sanders. Gentlemen will please enter as follows: G. B. Abbott, H. L. Carter, south entrance, floor.

C. E. Case, C. S. Fuller, north entrance, floor. H. H. Fuller, H. H. Rogers, south entrance, balcony. W. B. Rogers, S. R. Wrightington, north entrance, balcony. Special care must be taken to get the right seats in the balcony, as there are seven sections, A, B, C, D, etc., each having the same numbers. Since the course is so large, the monitors have found it necessary to require each man to keep strictly to the seat assigned to him, if he wishes not to be marked absent.

FRENCH 6.- Hour examination, Friday, Nov. 1, in Sever 35.

FRENCH 7.- Hour examination, Saturday, Nov. 2, in Sever 35.