The First Game in the Class Series Results in a Tie.

The first class championship game, yesterday, resulted in a tie. The sophomores played the strongest defensive game but fumbled a good deal and were weak on kicks. The superior team work of the freshmen was evident, especially in the first half, though the interference did not run hard enough, and the team showed inability to gain ground at critical moments. Ninety-eight quickly took advantage of Fairbank's absence, again and again sending their backs through the centre for the requisite gain. Ninety-nine had several tricks but seldom worked them to advantage. Adams, Holden and Dibblee played the best game for ninety-nine, the latter making several long runs and punting finely. Cozzens and Manning played well for ninety-eight.

The freshmen won the toss and chose the wind. After an exchange of punts, they carried the ball to ninety-eight's 4 yard line by short rushes through the tackles, but lost it there on downs. The sophomores then began pounding away at ninety-nine's weak centre, sending Manning and Cozzen's through the line repeatedly for gains. A minute later Dibblee caught Manning's punt and sprinted around the left end for ninety-nine's touchdown. Adams kicked the goal. Neither side came near scoring during the remainder of the half, though Dibblee made another run of 30 yards on a fake kick.

In the second half ninety-nine started out with a rush and after a few minutes play Richardson dropped on a blocked kick on the sophomore's 2 yard line; it looked like another touchdown for ninety-nine but they were unable to gain and the ball went to ninety-eight on downs. Ninety-eight then took advantage of the wind and soon secured the ball in ninety-nine's territory. The freshmen made a desperate stand on their 5 yard line and held the sophomores for four downs. Shortly after ninety-eight got the ball in the middle of the field and, aided by the darkness, and by fierce rushing steadily pushed the ball down the field, sending Manning across the line a minute and a half before time was called. He also kicked the goal, thus tying the score.

The line-up was:



Emmons, l. e. r. e., Johnston.

Rice, l. t. r. t., Kilborne, Whitbick.

Bouve, l.g. r. g., White.

Marvin, c. c., Homans.

Hennen, r. g., l. g., Lloyd.

Burrage, r.t. l.t., Holden.

Bull, r.e. l.e., Richardson.

Valentine, q.b., q.b., Farley.

Cozzens, r.h.b. l.h.b., Dayton.

Knox, l.h.b. r.h.b., Adams.

Manning, f.b. f.b., Dibblee.

Referee, Eddy; umpire, Mason; linesman, Stockton. Time, two 20 minute halves.