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Freshman Football Statistics.


Adams, the captain and right halfback, comes from Hopkinson's where he played back of the line. He is a hard, fast runner and starts quickly.

Dayton, the left halfback, is from Philips Andover, and is the fastest of the backs. He bucks the line well and is good on the defensive.

Dibblee, at fullback, is from Groton, where he played quarterback on the team for two years. He is a good punter and dodger, but is too light for bucking the centre.

Farley, the quarterback, is from Roxbury Latin, where he played on the School team. His passing is inaccurate and he fails to get into the interference as he should. He tackles well, however, and may be depended upon to keep his head.

Richardson, at left end, played on the Hopkinson team for three years, and plays a steady game. He is likely to get drawn in on round the end plays, but tackles hard and low.

Holden, the left tackle, is from Hopkinson's School, where he played at guard. He plays a strong, hard game, but is likely to get pocketed. He rushes well with the ball.

Lloyd, the left guard, is good on the defensive, but never breaks through, and is at times put out of the play.

Fairbank, the centre rush, is the heaviest man in the line, but does not give as good an account of his weight as he should. He is best on the defensive.

White, the right guard, is conscientious, but fails to understand the fine points of the game. He is rather light for the position, but can be relied upon to do his best.

Sargent, at right tackle, does not get low enough and is often put completely out of the play. He is better on the offensive than on the defensive.

Cochrane, at right end, is from Groton. He is a hard, willing player and gets down on kicks in fine style. He follows the ball well, but has a tendency to get off-side. He is good at breaking up interference.

Jaffray is from Westminster School, and will probably play one of the guards in the game today. He has played on the 'varsity in most of the big games up to the present, but is now a substitute. He will strengthen the centre.

Haughton is from Groton, where he was captain of the school team for one year, and played fullback. He is substitute tackle on the 'varsity and will probably play at right tackle.

Whitbeck, substitute tackle, is from St. Paul's School and is a hard player. Should either of the tackles be injured he will not weaken the line by playing.

Johnston, substitute end, is from St. Marks, where he played on the school team. He is a good tackler, but fails to keep up the interference as he should. He is rather light for the position.

Catlin, substitute guard, is a conscientious prayer, and is best on the defensive. He is liable to get pocketed.

Homans, substitute centre, comes from Hopkinson. He is inexperienced and light for the position. He gives a good account of his weight.

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