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The first football game between Harvard and Pennsylvania freshmen elevens was played on Franklin Field, Philadelphia, last Saturday afternoon and resulted in a victory for Harvard '99 by the score of 12 to 4.

The field was in a poor condition, on account of the rain. The condition of the ground favored the Harvard freshmen, as they had much the heavier team.

Harvard's centre was so strong that it was practically useless for Pennsylvania to try to make any gains through the line, and the condition of the field made it almost impossible for end runs to be accomplished, so Pennsylvania's backs were greatly handicapped in this respect.

The game throughout was free from objectionable features, and the same friendly spirit that has characterized all contests between the two universities was maintained. Pennsylvania cheered Harvard and the compliment was returned.

Harvard played a hard, aggressive game from the start and rarely failed to advance the ball through Pennsylvania's tackles, by good interference. To Haughton and Holden the main credit is due. Their work both in interfering and in carrying the ball was uniformly excellent. Haughton indeed making longer and more frequent gains than any other player on the Harvard team. Holden's work was most noticeable when the ball was carried by halfback Dayton, and he deserves credit for many of Dayton's runs. Haughton and Dayton bore the brunt of all Harvard's advances though they were well supported by Dibblee and Adams.

In defensive play the right side of Harvard's line was impregnable, while the left only failed to stand Pennsylvania's attacks when Horner had the ball. At no time were consecutive advances made by Pennsylvania.

For Harvard, Dayton, Adams, Haughton and Holden did excellent work in offense, while Dibblee both kicked and caught well.

The touchdown made by Richardson of Harvard was the result of a blocked kick, the crimson eleven being fortunate enough to have the ball popped right up into its left end's hands. The other touchdown made by the Harvard men was entirely earned.

Harvard won the toss and chose the kick-off sending the ball to the 25-yard line, where Pennsylvania secured the ball and immediately attempted to gain through Harvard's tackles, but Holden and Haughton proved too strong for them, and Captain Harrison ordered a kick. Harvard, after two attempts to gain, gave Haughton the ball for a trial at Pennsylvania's tackle. He ploughed right through the line for the five-yard gain, the first advance of the game. Holden was sent to the other tackle for an almost equal advance, when Adams, well protected by Haughton and Farley, rounded the end for ten yards. The ball changed hands several times on punts, fumbles, and foul interference, until finally Harvard, from the centre of the field, began a series of steady advances through Pennsylvania's line. Adams made eight, Dayton six, Haughton and Dayton 15 each, and the ball was on Pennsylvania's 10-yard line. Here Haughton and Holden were successively sent against the line for no advance and the ball was gained by Pennsylvania. Morice kicked to the 30-yard line, whence Harvard by steady advances scored the first touchdown, Dibblee being sent over the line. Goal was kicked.

Pennsylvania kicked off to Harvard's 15 yard line. Dayton made a 10 yard advance. Horner was through on Dibblee's kick and blocked it and Johnson, for Pennsylvania, secured the ball. Oglesby was thrown for a loss and on the next kick Harvard gained the ball on the 25 yard line. With the ball within a foot of the boundary, Dibblee made a kick which went out of bounds two yards behind where it had been put in play and Pennsylvania thus regained in. After two failures to gain, Hedges was tried with the side kick and carried the ball to Harvard's 10 yard line. Abrams and Morice each gained a yard, but Morice on the third trial failed to advance the necessary distance and Harvard secured the ball.

Dibblee kicked to the centre of the field, where Pennsylvania again lost on a side kick, but recovered it almost immediately for holding. Morice was again compelled to kick and the ball had not been put in play by Harvard when time was called for the first half.

Pennsylvania had the ball for the kick-off in the second half, and gained it again on Harvard's 30 yard line through Horner blocking Dibblee's return punt. After an exchange of kicks, Pennsylvania started at Harvard's 40 yard line to advance down the field. Fortescue and Horner were alternately used at the opposite tackles, and the latter never failed to gain. On Harvard's 35 yard line Pennsylvania was compelled to kick to retain possession: Dayton got through and blocked the ball, bounding it into Richardson's hands, and Richardson, with no one in front of him, scored Harvard's second touchdown.

Pennsylvania now made a touchdown in quick order. She carried the ball to Harvard's 25 yard line, where Harvard got it. Dayton made four yards through right tackle and a similar gain through left, when Adams, shaking off every tackler, carried the ball to Pennsylvania's 25 yard line. In going through the line on the next line-up the ball bounded out of Dayton's hand and Oglesby, securing it, made a beautiful run of 90 yards, dodging four of Harvard's tacklers and scoring Pennsylvania's only touchdown.

A moment later time was called, the game ending with the final score, Harvard 12, Pennsylvania 4.


Richardson, l. e. r. e., Hedges.

Holden, l. t. r. t., De Silver.

Lloyd, l. g. r. g., Whelen.

Fairbanks, c. c., Andrews.

Jaffray, r. g. l. g., Stearns.

Haugton, r. t. l. t., Horner.

Cochrane, r. e. l. e., Oglesby.

Farley, q. b. q. b., Harrison.

Dayton, l. h. b. r. h. b., Johnson, Abrams.

Adams, r. h. b. l. h. b., Fortescue.

Dibblee, f. b. f. b., Morice.

Touchdowns-Dibblee, Richardson, Oglesby. Goals from touchdowns-Dibblee 2. Injured Johnson (Abrams). Umpire-Crane of Harvard. Referee-A. L. Williams of Yale. Linesman-Marsh of Lafayette. Time-Regulation. Attendance-5000,

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