The Awarding of Scholarships.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

Is it possible for the interested public to know the methods of assigning scholarships in the Graduate School of Harvard College? Favoritism seems to be shown to graduates of other colleges. Cases have been known in past years of members of the graduating class of good moral standing, and ranking high during four years, who were not successful in obtaining scholarships, when at the same time men of lower rank from other colleges were favored.

A graduate would of course prefer to continue his studies in the Graduate School of his own college. In the list just published it was noticed that there were but two of the number who are Harvard graduates, and it would be quite natural for persons reading it, who were unacquainted with the ability and standard of Harvard men, to infer that it was not quite as high as at other colleges. It is a subject that many have been interested in, but I believe it has never been explained.