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At a dinner of the Yale Alumni in New York on Friday evening last, Captain Peters of the '85 foot-ball eleven is reported to have used the following words:

"Once in a while those cranks down in Cambridge come to the conclusion that the game is too rough for their kid-gloved lambs, but after sending spies down to New Haven to sneak around back fences and watch the game, they come to the conclusion that it is a good game and try it again - only to get beaten, as they always have been before."

It is a great pity that at a pleasant reunion such as this, Captain Peters could not have laid aside his ancient and well-known grudge against Harvard; but it is a still greater pity that he should so far forget himself at a public dinner as to speak in such ungentlemanly and ungenerous terms of a defeated rival. There are, of course, two explanations: Either Captain Peters is no gentleman - which we are loath to suppose - or he was so under the influence of sparkling Hock and iced Moselle that he did not know what he was talking about. And so we dismiss his words as unworthy of further comment, for we are sure that they did not voice the thoughts of all wearers of the "true" blue.

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