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the goal line Holmes tried for him but missed Hallowell punted out for a fair catch and then kicked the goal. The score now stood even, 6 to 6. Ninety-six kicked off poorly. The ball changed sides a couple of times on downs, after which ninety-six got it and rushed it down the field, pushing Holmes over the line for a touchdown. Merriman failed to kick the goal. Score, 10 to 6. Ninety-seven kicked off but in less than a minute time was called.

In the second half ninety-seven took a brace. Holmes secured the ball after ninety-seven's kick-off, and ran for a good gain. After a fine punt by Holmes and an end play for 15 yards by ninety-seven, the juniors made a long punt which rolled out on the senior's 8 yard line. After a return punt from the seniors ninety-seven got the ball and took it to the seniors' 4 yard line. The seniors were unable to hold them for four downs and the ball went over their line. Hallowell failed to kick the goal. Score, 10 to 10. During the rest of the half the ball see-sawed up and down the field, but neither goal was at any time in much danger.

The line-up was:

'96. '97.

Duff (capt.), r.e. l.e., Fenno.

Curtis, r.t. l.t., Sleeper.

Merriman, r.g. l.g., Sprague.

Fox, c. c., Fitzgerald.

Paine, l.g. r.g., Ladd.

Bull, l.t. r.t., Scannell.

Norton, l.e. r.e., Rantoul (capt.)

McKittrick, q.b., q.b., Garrison.

Lee, h.b. h.b., Weld.

Arnold, h.b. h.b., Warren.

Holmes, f.b. f.b., Hallowell.

Referee, Crane; umpires, Bull and Eddy; linesman, Brown. Time, two 20 minute halves.

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