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Individual Statistics of the Football Players.


Following are the statistics of the Harvard eleven together with those of the principal substitutes:

Captain Arthur H.Brewer '96, of Boston, right end, is a graduate of Hopkinson's School, where he played end on the champion interscholastic eleven. He was end on his freshman team and played left end on the 'varsity eleven during a greater part of the first game with Pennsylvania. Last year he was right end, where he did remarkable work. He also rowed on his class crew his sophomore year. Owing to his unusually hard duties as captain, he has not been quite up to his usual form this year. Age 20, height 5 ft. 11 in., weight 164.

Malcolm Donald '99, of Boston, right tackle, comes from Roxbury Latin School, where he was the best player on the team. He has learned rapidly, and is a hard worker. His game is steady, rather than brilliant. Age 18, height 5 ft., 111/2 in., weight 174.

P. M. Jaffray '99, right guard, is a graduate of Westminster School, New York, where he played for two years in the line. He is young and somewhat green, but has pluck and is a ready learner. He is strongest on defensive play. Age 18, height 6 ft. 3 in., weight 204.

A. E. Doucette Gr., of Cambridge, substitute centre and right guard, played centre on his class team his sophomore and junior years and was one of the substitutes for centre on the 'varsity last year. He is a strong player but has not had a great deal of experience. He is sure to play well whether at centre or guard. Age 24, height 5 ft. 111/2 in., weight 212.

Frank G. Shaw '97, of Boston, centre rush, played on his freshman eleven at centre and on the 'varsity last year in the same position. He developed rapidly and is playing better than he did last year. Age 20, height 6 ft. 2 in., weight 210.

E. G. Holt 99, of Lawrence, Mass., left guard, is a graduate of Andover. There he was both a well-known football player and a good track athlete. He plays a strong game in every respect, is cool, and capable of much hard work. Age 21, height 6 ft. 11/2 in., weight 196.

Robert H. Hallowell '96, of West Medford, left tackle, played for the first time last year on the 'varsity. In his freshman year he did not play. As a sophomore he was guard on his class team. He is aggressive and heady, but is not at present in very good condition. Age 21, height 6 ft., weight 171.

Norman W. Cabot '98, of Brookline, left end, prepared for college at Hale and Noble's School, where he captained the team which won the junior interscholastic championship in 1893. Played left end on the 'varsity last fall. Is a fine end rush and runs well with the ball as well. He also stroked the freshman crew last year. Age 18, height 5 ft., 11 in., weight 164.

A. Borden '96, of Fall River, Mass., quarterback, was substitute quarterback of his freshman eleven and quarterback of his class team his sophomore year. Began last season on the 'varsity squad but had to give up by reason of a broken collar bone. Is sharp and alert and plucky, but lacks judgment at times. Age 20, height 5 ft. 7 in., weight 145.

Charles Brewer '96, of Boston, halfback, fitted at Hopkinson's School, where he played halfback on the eleven. Has played behind the 'varsity line every season since he entered Harvard. He was injured last year and did not have an opportunity to display himself. Has been on the track team and rowed on his class crew. Is playing very strongly this year. His punting has improved. Age 22, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 150.

Edgar N. Wrightington '97, of Brookline, Mass., halfback, was captain of the Longwood team before he entered college. He played on the 'varsity and freshman elevens his freshman year and last year on the 'varsity until injured in the game with Yale. He was on his class crew and rowed bow on the 'varsity crew last spring. This year he has not been up to his usual form. Age 21, height 5 ft. 101/2 in., weight 163.

M. G. Gonterman L. S., of Galesburg, III., halfback, has played as substitute on the 'varsity for the past three years. Is the fastest runner now playing football, tackles fairly well, but is poor in bucking the line. He was on the '96 freshman nine and the same year was substitute outfielder on the 'varsity. Last year he was on the track team. Age 22, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 154.

J.C. Fairchild '96, of Boston, fullback, prepared at Hopkinson's School. He was captain of his freshman eleven, was substitute quarterback on the 'varsity for two years and played fullback last year. He is conscientious and a good drop kicker, but is light and rather slow. Age 22, height 5 ft. 71/2 in., weight 150.

T. G. Stevenson '96, of Boston, substitute left tackle, was substitute tackle on his freshman eleven and tackle on his sophomore team. He rowed on his class crew and at No. 5 on the varsity his sophomore year and last year played first base on the nine. Age 21, height 6 ft., weight 180.

Gerrish Newell '98, of Great Barrington, Mass., substitute right end, was substitute end on the freshman eleven last year. He is alert and follows the ball well, but is rather weak on interference. Age 20, height 5 ft. 71/2 in., weight 150.

Arthur M. Beale '97, of Dorchester, substitute quarterback, prepared at Boston Latin School, where he was captain of the school eleven. He played quarterback on the 'varsity and freshman elevens his first year, and was substitute quarter on the 'varsity last year. He was also an outfielder on the 'varsity and freshman nines his freshman year. Age 21, height 5 ft. 8 in., weight 160.

J. C. Dunlop '97, of Cambridge, substitute fullback, prepared at the Brown and Nichols School. He played on his freshman eleven and on the 'varsity the same season. Last year he played in the Yale game. Was catcher on his freshman nine, and rowed on the sophomore crew last year. Age 22, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 162.

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