Push Ball Game.

Between the halves of the football game on Saturday, a push ball game was played between the Newton Athletic Association team and a picked Harvard team. The Newton eight were heavier, and outplayed their opponents, although the Harvard team did all the scoring for two innings. The winning point was made in the third inning by the clever play of the Newton line, which gave first and only touchdown of the game.

The line-up was as follows:


Ward left end W. C. Johnson.

C. P. Adams, left forward Treadwell.


Cushing, left guard Bryant.

Crane, centre Kimball.

Hardenbrook, right guard Seaver.

Blake, left forward, S. M. Johnson.

Burrage, right end Mitchell.

Burnham back Skelton.

Officials for the game were: Umpire, Frank A. Mason; timer, F. M. Wood; referees, for Newton, Crane, for Harvard, E. B. Bowen.