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Editors Daily Crimson:

I ask you to grant me kindly a little space to address the freshman class.

There are two reasons for the present embarrassment of the freshman crew.

First. There has been a curious lack of energy or "headwork" among the managers in collecting subscriptions. There are many men-I know them personally-who have never been asked to subscribe. I never have been. The managers have apparently worked with indifference, or have deemed it useless to call upon a man again when he was away at the first time.

Second. There has been, and there is, a shameful lack of class spirit. If there had been a class spirit this fund would never have been lacking; if there had been a class spirit we would have turned out at our football game in New Haven; at the class races we would not have had to give up the tug because so few signed to go on it; we would have come out at the early games of the nine on Norton's field, and at the later games, and we would not be owing our support of the nine in the Yale game to the energy of a few upper-class men. If every man in the class gave according to his means the crew would not lack money; for out of a class of over three hundred the crew would not suffer. It is the spirit which we lack-the spirit of interest and desire to support our athletics as far as we can individually. What a humiliation for future classes to point to us as the class which had not the spirit-for we can raise the funds if we have the spirit-to support a class crew! If we neglect to do so the result of this neglect reflects none the less on us individually than as a class. Every man should remember that. For what honor comes to the class comes to each individual also, and what shame comes to the class must be borne likewise by each individual.

Very truly yours, NINETY-THREE.

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