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Intercollegiate Chess.


The schedule of games for the intercollegiate chess tournament has just been announced and is as follows:

Thursday, December 26.

1. Price, C., vs. Lewis, H.

2. Arnstein, Y., vs. Marston, P.

3. Ross, C., vs. Seymour, P.

4. Murdoch, Y., vs. Southard, H.

Friday, December 27.

1. Price, C., vs. Arnstein, Y.

2. Marston, P., vs. Lewis, H.

3. Ross, C., vs. Southard, H.

4. Murdoch, Y., vs. Seymour, P.

Saturday, December 28.

1. Price, C., vs. Marston, P.

2. Arnstein, Y., vs. Lewis, H.

3. Ross, C., vs. Murdoch, Y.

4. Seymour, P., vs. Southard, H.

Monday, December 30.

I. Southard, H., vs. Price, C.

2. Lewis, H., vs. Ross, C.

3. Seymour, P., vs. Arnstein, Y.

4. Marston, P., vs. Murdoch Y.

Tuesday, December 31.

1. Murdoch, Y., vs. Price, C.

2. Lewis, H., vs., Seymour, P.

3. Arnstein, Y., vs. Ross, C.

4. Southard, H., vs. Marston, P.

Wednesday, January 1.

1. Seymour, P., vs. Price, C.

2. Lewis, H., vs. Murdoch, Y.

3. Southard, H., vs. Arnstein, Y.

4. Marston, P., vs. Ross, C.

The first named player has first move.

Games will begin at 2.30 p. m. and if they are not finished by 11 p. m. will then be adjudged by M. Samuel Loyd or Mr. Eugene Delmar, referees. Recess from 6 to 8 p. m. An admission fee of fifty cents will be charged.

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